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Careers with THE EXPERTS in CNC Machining

CNC Lathe Machinist

Machine & Building Repair/Maintenance

Paid CNC Training Program

Student Internships

Giving Back & Charity

Employee Benefits

Our Culture Defined.

We are a company who prides itself on integrity, high quality & team work. These components combined with hard workers creates an environment that breeds success for our employees. Honesty and a "willing to do what it takes to get the job done" are a must have attitude. You must be able to focus & multitask in a high performance work place.
We promote each individuals growth in the company through training and creating opportunities that lead to both personal and professional fulfillment.

How Our Company is Different...

Many companies ask, "Why should we hire you?", well were turning the tables and we want to let you ask "Why should I work at QMC?" We want to give you the answers to show you what exactly we can offer you and your future!

We're a family company...

We're not a large corporation and our employees aren't just a number. In fact it's the opposite. We value each individuals daily contributions and we recognize them! We take your successes and accomplishments to heart and we take pride in our team!

When our company succeeds- so do you. That's what our gain-sharing program is all about. Giving back to the people that keep our company moving forward, our spindles turning and our customers satisfied. We also know you value your time outside of work. Here at QMC we have weekends off and paid holidays!

Looking for stability?

QMC is a progressively growing manufacturer offering stability, excellent opportunities and benefits. We deal in many industries so we can more easily withstand the up and down cycles in any particular one. We also provide all our employees with a safe and healthy environment to work in.

Looking for technology?

At QMC we are constantly investing in new equipment and technology that keeps us at the head of our industry. Our team is constantly on the forefront with the latest state of the art tooling to make your job easier and more efficient! Robotics, computers, lasers, hi tech machines- we have it all!

Looking for a long term rewards?

At QMC we want you for the long haul. We offer competitive benefits and a gain-sharing program that rewards you for your efforts, attendance and successful problem solving above and beyond the regular payday!

Our machinists aren't just "button pushers". Our hands on training program is designed to develop individuals into a well rounded CNC machinist who is knowledgeable and can perform a very wide variety of tasks, processes and run various machines.

So, what are we looking for?

People who are driven to be successful in machining. Those who are disciplined & motivated to learn a new trade and looking to create a better future for themselves.

These combined with a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematical) background makes training that much easier for both you and our team together!

But it's not mandatory. We are willing to train and work with driven individuals who are mechanically inclined, can perform trigonometry, geometric equations & who have a eagerness to learn a new trade.

Hands on training and career advancements

With our newly overhauled training program, we have customized our program to respond to each individuals needs, growth and learning patterns. We help you map out your future and provide you with your own growth business plan to succeed. By clearly knowing where you can go, the skills needed to advance and the opportunities available - you become the driver of your business career plan and our supervisors are committed to work diligently along side you to help get you where you want to go, as far as you want to go within the company. The options are limitless!

Learn more here...

Don't miss out on an opportunity that will lead to your long term success... because when your happy with your work life, it reflects in your daily personal life.

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