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Precision CNC Machining : Proactive Machining Solutions

Problem solving through innovative thinking has lead to the following successes and solutions for our customers:

QMC was recently asked by a customer to provide stainless fittings that they had previously been purchasing from a commodity fitting supplier and were then modifying them in their own facility. This resulted in higher cost and delays. QMC was able to manufacture this part complete for a savings of over 20%. If you modify standard components or fittings, give us a call. Our goal is to save you money and we will work hard to achieve this.

One of our customers had a continuing problem of not having fittings available when assembly time came. They would walk to the parts bins only to find them empty. Then a call would be made for a RUSH delivery to try and meet their promised delivery to their customer. They were starting to lose customers and their reputation was taking a hit.

QMC instituted our Advance Order System (QMCAOS). Our QMCAOS software works by tracking their purchasing habits. We are now able to predict their fitting usage. Under contract QMC now manufactures their fittings and we release them as needed. This is a great example of customer and supplier working to solve problems in a WIN-WIN fashion!

A large beverage company had a need for thousands of high quality beverage fittings. After comparing our competition's quality to QMC's quality they awarded the contract to QMC. In addition, our fast response to specification changes gave the company exactly the fitting they needed to solve their problem.

QMC is shipping these fittings on a weekly basis to our customer. Here at QMC, we are all committed to making Quality fittings that standout amongst our competition.

A Fortune 500 company shipped casting to QMC for finish machining. QMC now provides the part complete for this customer!
Our customer needed a reliable quality machined part out of precision tubing. Other suppliers has attempted to resolve this problem, but field failures proved to be a high priority problem. The QMC team tackled this tough problem and our customer reports they have had no field failures since QMC began manufacturing the component. "I am very proud of our manufacturing team and we truly achieved our goal of being our customer's Lowest Risk Vendor.
A company that manufactures sensors was using an imported custom made union for their application.

Problem: Long lead time and high cost!

Solution: QMC helped re-engineer the fitting and is now manufacturing the assembly at a lower cost and tremendously better lead time. Our customer was elated with the craftsmanship of our product!
A large company that produces components for rail cars came to us with a problematic stainless steel fitting. The fitting had been source to several suppliers and they had failed to deliver. Our customer contacted us and asked if we could do the part. The QMC Team went to work on this project and delivered a prototype. We resolved the machining challenges and submitted a prototype and came very close to the target price. Upon ordering our customer told us our part was superior to the others they had evaluated.
A marine industry OEM was purchasing stainless fittings of poor quality from a competitor. When the OEM saw QMC quality, they immediately switched suppliers.

Our Mission - When You Compare Our Parts With A Competitors, You Will Always Want The QMC Part.
A manufacturer of food equipment in business for many many years wanted to find a supplier who could supply their part in one piece instead of two that were assembled together. QMC's deep hole drilling expertise solved the problem. Our expertise in the machining of stainless steel products gives our customers confidence that we truly are their Lowest Risk Vendor.
A large customer had determined that they wished to investigate offshore manufacturing of some of their parts. QMC was able to save our customer money by having one of our offshore Teammates manufacture them. We determined which parts could reliably be made offshore and which made here at our plant. Our customer now has a one source supplier for parts made by QMC as well as their offshore Teammate. We now manufacture some components here and some are sourced offshore saving our customer $$$. We are also a backup should any problems arise such as the recent dock workers strike. "We have worked very diligently to align ourselves with companies that could maintain our quality standards so our reputation of Quality would stay intact" explained Jim Serafin, President.
By adding several new state-of-the-art machines we have increased our capacity and service capabilities to our customers. We are committed to advanced manufacturing and will invest to maintain our leadership in working with stainless steels.
We have added to our value-added services light assembly. Some of the parts we manufacture have components that are assembled elsewhere. This helped our customer by eliminating double handling cost.
A large OEM company approached us about private label laser marking and bagging the products we already make for them. This saves them money by having it all done under one roof and lowers the transaction cost. In addition, the total cycle time of the parts has been shortened. Once again QMC has risen to the occasion through our Lowest Risk Vendor Philosophy


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